Flatiron Health, Mark Cuban and Fortify Rehab

Before we head off on our trip to Silicon Valley, we were asked a few questions. What company do you admire and why? Who is one entrepreneur you admire and why? Here are my responses below:

Company: Flatiron Health - The successful NYC Health Tech Startup provides an electronic medical record and comprehensive tools for oncology healthcare providers. This company demonstrates that early focus is essential to a young company’s growth. Having a niche allows Flatiron to compete successfully with larger electronic medical records. Additionally, I admire their commitment to scientific advancement. Their goal is not to disrupt the medical research environment, it is to provide tools that translate research knowledge to the everyday physician. In devising Fortify Rehab, these are ideals that we hold as well.

Entrepreneur: Mark Cuban - Entrepreneurship is supposed to be fun. I think Mark Cuban best exemplifies that. He has been able to work in industries that he has expertise, create well-designed solutions, and market them better than competitors - all while having a good time. I admire his commitment to innovation and his hustle working on his early ventures. Who doesn’t like to watch him yelling at the refs when the Mavs are down by 20 to the Rockets?

As young entrepreneurs in the Stern Ventures Fellows Program, having role models as people and companies is helpful. If we are successful, we must determine what type of founder and manager we will be. Having clear company ideals and leadership is important to the management of any startup (or larger company).


Andrew Adelsheimer of Fortify Rehab