A Company I Admire

Cognitive ToyBox is committed to developing solutions that help every child reach his or her potential. We know that the secret sauce to scalable early education tools lies at the intersection of technology and better support for educators and parents. We also recognize that to develop something that is effective, we must start with first principles: research on how a child’s brain develops. This is why we start with research first and use it as a launchpad to build our products.

One organization that shares this philosophy, and that I deeply admire, is the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative. CZI is committed to undertaking the research and development efforts to understand what works. Moreover, I deeply admire CZI’s co-founder, Priscilla Chan. Her experience as a pediatrician, educator and philanthropist makes her an early childhood education “triple-threat”. She is well-versed in the importance of early childhood from both a health and education experience. She also has the operational experience as a former teacher to understand how to implement solutions. Finally, she has the resources to provide the risk capital to prove out the efficacy of the most promising opportunities. I am so glad that there are individuals like Priscilla Chan who serve as advocates in helping all children realize their full potential.

CZI does inspiring work in the field of education and gives me hope for the future. I am very glad that some of the brightest minds of our generation, like Priscilla Chan, are working on solutions to support children in their earliest years.

Tammy Kwan, Cognitive Toybox