Half Down, Half To Go: What Grocer8 Has Been Up To (And What’s To Come)

Time is flying. Graduation came and went over a month ago, we’ve passed the halfway mark for 2018, and SVF is officially five weeks in. It’s hard to keep up with the days passing by so quickly, but Grocer8 is staying the course, advancing towards our upcoming trip to San Francisco, and the milestones that will accompany.

Long before summer kicked off, my co-founder and I sat down to map out the next 6 months. We wanted to give ourselves real milestones to accomplish and work towards, as we learned early on that we are both deadline oriented and motivated by setting and achieving goals. Our first milestone, we decided, was our SVF trip to San Francisco, an opportunity to network with entrepreneurs, investors and mentors. With that, we knew we needed to refresh the current state of our site so we could get to a point where we were ready to onboard users. We would need to work quickly, and identify new hires and designers who would be able to help us, but we were confident we could make the mid-July deadline work.

Five weeks into SVF, we are on track to meet our goals. We have brought on an incredible engineer to join our team, as well as a summer intern. We have brought on experienced front-end designers to refresh our current site, and update our features to ensure we have an engaging, user-friendly platform. In the short-term, we are focusing on building an audience on social that we will use as a touch point to our brand to grow awareness and drive users to our platform via compelling visuals and knowledgeable product advice. Come August, we will be in full user acquisition mode, using a variety of techniques to build our first community on the platform, who we can engage and learn from as they interact with the site. We are also in the process of identifying brands to partner with for some early studies, and have already locked one partner who is interested in working with us and excited about the data and insights Grocer8 will provide.

It is an exciting time for us, as we build out what has for so long been an idea in our minds. As fulfilling it is to check off our to-do lists with accomplishments, we know our tasks will only multiply as we bring Grocer8 to life – and we can’t wait to see what’s next.  

Emily Wallen of Grocer8