2019 Fellows

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CEO | The Great Fantastic

kyle bergman

Kyle Bergman is the founder of The Great Fantastic. He has showcased his passion for marketing and fashion through his experience with varying levels of merchandise planning and buying with companies such as Birchbox and Bloomingdale’s. He is now an alumnae of NYU Stern, receiving his Master’s degree this year.

The Great Fantastic’s mission is to make the world’s comfiest apparel using sustainable resources and ethical practices.

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Co-founder | Grounded Upcycling

drew enyedi

Drew Enyedi is an undergraduate business student at Stern. He has worked as an intern for Northwestern Mutual, teaching him skills in finance and made impact through self-initiated projects. Through his classwork and outside projects he has developed skills in corporate finance, financial accounting, Python, Java, HTML, design thinking, and design research.

Grounded Upcycling collects spent coffee grounds from coffee shops and upcycles them into cosmetic products.

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CEO | Verge. Capital

yiannis giokas

Yiannis Giokas has more than ten years of experience working in cybersecurity and analytics. He has served as a consultant, manager and currently serves as the Vice President of Research and Development of PCCW. He is the CEO of Verge. Capita and completed his Masters program at NYU Stern School in 2016.

Verge.Capital provides a universal credit score for Europe that drives fair access to credit.

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CEO | Break the Love

Trisha goyal

Prior to starting Break the Love in 2018, Trisha Goyal attended NYU Stern School for her undergraduate degree. She later went on to lead digital product at ESPN and GIPHY where she managed technology and design teams of 50+. Prior to this she worked as both a product manager and strategy associate at Huffington Post where she led the business development for international market growth including a joint-venture for HuffPost Mexico.

Break the Love is a community driven tennis app connecting players with rallies and matches powered by a marketplace of players and courts.

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Head of Product | Revelio Labs

maxwell grove

Maxwell Grove has previously held roles in data and analytics, in product management. He currently works in a commercial role focused on sales and go-to-market activities.

Revelio Labs provides labor market analytics to enable smarter decision making.

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COO | CurbGenie

colin horsford

Colin Horsford serves as the COO and Cofounder of CurbGenie. Horsford has become exceptionally skilled in regards to coding, helping build multiple apps that have been sold in the App Store, as well as websites. He is also a certified public accountant and has worked for companies such as Ernst & Young and Goldman Sachs.

CurbGenie allows travelers to return their rental cars at the airport’s curbside.

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CMO | Exchange

daniel hyun

Daniel Hyun is a current undergraduate student at NYU Stern. He has experience with coding and building data science applications as well as working in marketing and sales roles for companies such as Clinton Foundation,Blossom Academy and IBM . He is the Chief Marketing Officer of Exchange.

Exchange provides on-demand technical interview training.

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CEO | SoCo

goni light

Goni Light has six years of experience working with multiple brands/products at Procter & Gamble. She served as the University Commander at the School of Aviation Studies at the Israeli Air Force. Goni received her Masters from NYU Stern in 2016.

SoCo seeds a healthy change through gourmet plant-based products direct-to-customers.

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CEO | Crafted Kibble

Jaime mendal

Jaime Mendal oversaw manufacturing for an international pet product company that specialized the production of innovative rawhide and dog chews.

Crafted Kibble is a subscription platform that delivers customized pre portioned kibble pouches.

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CEO | Habit House

Ilse paanakker

Ilse Paanakker is a L’Oreal marketer and healthcare innovation consultant turned habit- based wellness expert and certified personal trainer. She studied Marketing and Statistics at NYU Stern where she graduated in 2015. She has studied the health and wellness industry extensively for the last five years, strengthening her knowledge by obtaining personal training certification.

Habit House empowers people to live their best lives by holding them accountable to making behavioral changes via 1:1 text messages.

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CEO | Woken

Rachel Serwetz

Rachel Serwetz is the CEO of Woken, founded in 2013. She previously attended Bimingaton University and NYU Stern School of Business for her bachelors and masters respectively. Her previous experience includes working for companies such as Bridgewater Associates Goldman Sachs.

Woken is a candidate-focused career platform that educates and motivates job seekers to explore and reflect on their career interests.